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The Preferred Team for Transmission Replacement in Alma, GA

Your vehicle’s transmission is one of its most important components, so when it is failing, you need to act quickly. You can count on the team at Precision Maintenance for an efficient and effective transmission replacement in Alma, GA, and the surrounding area.  
We specialize in auto repair and roadside assistance for semi-trucks, heavy equipment, tractors, and other hard-working vehicles. For over a decade, drivers and operators have relied on us to keep them in motion, and when you contact us, you will quickly understand why. 

5 Signs That You Might Need a New Transmission

Avoid extra trouble by having your transmission checked as soon as possible when you notice red flags like: 
Check Engine Light Comes On: Many people will ignore their Check Engine Light because it illuminates many different things, some minor. However, it is best to get the issue diagnosed as soon as possible in case there is a serious problem. 
Unusual Sounds Coming from the Transmission: Any sound coming from the transmission warrants immediate attention. If you hear grinding, banging, or rumbling as the gears change, you may need transmission replacement, rebuilding, or repairs. 
Gears Slipping or Hard Shifting: As an automatic transmission gives out, you may experience gears slipping as you drive. For manual transmissions, it may become more difficult to change gears. 
Fluid Leaks: It’s never a good sign when a vehicle leaks fluids, especially since it is so difficult to tell where the leak originates. If you notice puddles or stains beneath your vehicle, you should speak with a mechanic as soon as possible. 
Cloudy or Brown Transmission Fluid: Healthy fluid should be transparent bright red, and syrupy thick. If your fluid looks off or smells burnt, you may need transmission replacement or repair.